Two Lost Rings Found on Stinson Beach, Marin County

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Two lost rings found on Stinson Beach

Two lost rings found on Stinson Beach

Peggy and Norton were enjoying their annual vacation at Stinson Beach in Marin County. They were spending a beautiful day on the beach when Peggy put her wedding and engagement rings in her hat while she applied suntan lotion. A bit later, when she put the hat back on, the rings were flung into the deep, dry sand where they instantly disappeared.

We made it up a couple of days later. Peggy had carefully noted where she had been sitting when she lost the rings, so we had a good starting point. Eryn started searching and heard no tones at all, meaning the beach was very clean. After about two minutes, she heard her first tone, stuck her hand deep in the sand, and pulled up one ring. A foot away, another tone, and she found the other ring.

This was an easy search because Peggy knew exactly where she was sitting when she lost the rings. If you lose your rings, please look around and mark your location by landmarks like trees, light poles, rocks, or fences. If you can give us a reasonable area to search, you increase your chances of recovery significantly.

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  1. Peggy says:

    I was afraid I would never see my rings again so, of course, we were ecstatic when Eryn located them within10 minutes of beginning the search. Almost as nice, however, was meeting Dave and his charming daughter, Eryn. They could not have been more pleasant or helpful. From our first conversation, Dave gave me hope that if I could identify the area where I lost my rings, there was a good chance they could find them. Fortunately, I was able to do that and Eryn was a miracle worker. They are lovely people who really came to my rescue.

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