Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found on Beach at Half Moon Bay

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Lost diamond wedding ring found at Half Moon Bay

Lost diamond wedding ring found at Half Moon Bay

Today Prarthna called me from New Jersey. She and her husband visited California last week and had a wonderful time. On the way back to San Francisco International Airport they stopped at the beach on Half Moon Bay. It was there in the deep sand that Prarthna felt her diamond wedding ring slip off her finger.

This was not a typical wedding ring, either. Prarthna’s husband had studied diamonds and hunted for four months to find the perfect stone, then had the ring custom made for the stone. The ring had great sentimental value to both of them.

Late this afternoon, I met her friend Navdeep who had been at the beach with them the day the ring was lost. He showed me where Prarthna had been walking when the ring slipped off her finger. We marked a search zone in the sand, and most importantly, he climbed up a hill to sit at the same bench he was sitting at when she lost it. Using a hardy bush growing in the sand as a landmark, he directed me to stand on the sight line where he remembered seeing Prarthna. The intersection of the search zone and this line of sight identified the place where he felt the ring most likely landed.

I carefully gridded the search zone and triple searched it without luck. The sand was very clean, suggesting that other metal detector users had already cleared out the pull tabs, bottle caps and other metallic trash  that we find at most beaches. But I did find four coins, so we remained hopeful.

Next I started searching south from the search zone, not far off the sight line. On my first pass, I got a low tone that usually means aluminum or gold. This time it was Prathna’s ring, four inches deep in the sand. Look at the photo below, you can see how beautiful it is. Navdeep had done a good job showing me where to search. Prarthna was very happy when we called her with the news that we had found her ring.


Diamond ring found at Half Moon Bay

4 Replies to “Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found on Beach at Half Moon Bay”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great recover & story! She must be soooo happy! Great work Dave!
    Best, Chris

  2. Prarthna says:

    I was so sad when I cam back from San Francisco on Monday. It felt like a part of me had gone missing. All I could think about was the ring and how desperately I was trying to search for it. After three days of mourning, I was trying to look up some tips regarding how to search sand (for future accidents) and i came across this website -theRingFinders.com. I read the blogs/stories on how they had helped with a number of searches and decided to contact them. I was not too hopeful because three days had passed but I still wanted to give it a last try. So on Thursday midnight I mailed them the details. Chris contacted me the next day and helped me get in touch with Dave. It is only because of Dave’s experience and my friend Navdeep’s precise directions that I have my ring back. I can’t explain how happy and excited I am.

    I am glad that I contacted the Ring Finders.I am so grateful to Chris and Dave for the service and for making this possible; and a very special thanks to Navdeep for being there. 🙂

  3. Dave Millman says:


    It was my pleasure. I wish we always had someone like Navdeep to start us in the right place on such a large beach!

    Enjoy your ring, it is quite beautiful.

    Dave Millman

  4. Arun/Aditi says:


    You are one heck of a lucky girl. Nihar must be pleased 🙂


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