Lost Ring Found in Larkspur, Marin County

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Lost Wedding Ring Found in Larkspur

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Larkspur

Wayne contacted us a few days ago to say that his wife Rosie had lost her wedding ring while gardening. She’d been pulling weeds, amending the soil, and planting new plants when she discovered the ring was missing. This was strange, because the ring fit snugly on her finger, and had never come off before. They had tried using a metal detector, but couldn’t find the ring anywhere.

When we arrived, Rosie showed us the front garden plot. It wasn’t large, perhaps 30 feet by 2 feet. We were concerned about whether our larger metal detectors would work, because there were railroad ties forming the front border of the plot, and a wall along the back side, and both contained screws and other embedded iron fasteners.

So we started by scanning the plot quickly with a handheld metal detector called a pinpointer. We found about a dozen nails and sprinkler parts, but no ring. Now we knew the top layer of soil was mostly clear of metal, but we still had the screws along the front and back to contend with.

We scanned the bed again with a larger metal detector set to discriminate out, or ignore, most iron. This is a tricky process, because if you tell the detector to discriminate out too much iron, you will lose the ability to find smaller gold targets like rings. But we had to be able to ignore those pesky screws.

It worked. About 5-6 inches deep in the soil, buried under one of the new plants, we found the ring. It’s a beauty, inset with black diamonds, one of the most unique rings we’ve recovered. Rosie was very happy to get it back.

If you lose your ring, necklace, earring or other jewelry in the San Francisco Bay area, give us a call. We cover Marin County, San Francisco, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County and the East Bay. If you read some of the other stories in our blog, you’ll see that we can detect jewelry buried deeply in sand, mud, and soil.

Gold & Black Diamond Wedding Ring
Gold & Black Diamond Wedding Ring

2 Replies to “Lost Ring Found in Larkspur, Marin County”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great work you two! Sounded like a tough search but great work on cleaning out the search area with your pin pointer!
    Best, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring Finders

  2. Rosie and Wayne, LARKSPUR CA says:

    I’m so glad my husband contacted The Ring Finders! I must admit, I was dubious at first. I had an idea where the ring might have slipped off, and had dug up all the plants I had just put in–several times! We even rented a metal detector ourselves, and Wayne, myself and a friend of ours had all taken turns at running the detector along the street side planting bed–the very place that Dave and his daughter found my ring!

    How did they find it when we didn’t? Dave explained how it isn’t just having the equipment, but the experience that counts.

    Dave’s daughter is so adorable! You can tell how much she loves helping her Dad out–or is it the other way around? She got right in there! Of course, it started to rain–and she was getting soaked. But when she found the ring–her eyes were shining–she was as excited and overjoyed as I was, if that’s possible.

    What a lovely father and daughter team! And they say, it’s a hobby rather than a job. Good humoured, patient, if they can’t find it–it’s not there!

    And you pay what you can afford–in turn, Dave donates 20% to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Thank you so much! Go Ring Finders!!!!

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