Lost Wedding Ring Found on Stinson Beach

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Lost Wedding Ring Found on Stinson Beach

Lost Wedding Ring Found on Stinson Beach

Last week we received a call from Ross in Atlanta, Georgia. His family had just returned from a visit to the Bay Area, including a day on Stinson Beach in Marin County. While there, his wife Kathia lost her wedding ring. After failing to find the ring and returning to Atlanta, Ross called The Ring Finders.


Ross sent us two important clues: a satellite map with a search area highlighted, and more important, a snapshot taken on the beach that happened to show the location where the family had been. While the satellite map was helpful, the photo gave us an even better fix on where the ring might have been lost.

Rain kept us from searching for four days, but we finally made it up Route 1 to Stinson Beach today. When we arrived, we mapped out the search zone based on the satellite map. This covered an area about half the size of a football field. However, by carefully locating a tree shown in the snapshot, we could identify a “sweet spot” that was about half that size.

Then the hard work began. We searched the sweet spot for almost three hours. After the first hour, a ranger told us we had to leave because we were on the Federal section of the beach. But when we told him Kathia’s story, he let us stay and search!

We assumed the ring would not be too deep, but you know what happens when you assume…At about 6:30pm, we got a deep signal in the last section of the sweet spot. Digging down eight inches, there was the lost wedding ring.

How did a ring sink to eight inches in five days? Our best guess is that rough weather had deposited more sand on the beach. Although the ring was located above the high tide line, there were indications that the water had risen much higher during the last couple of days. So a ring that might have started at a depth of two inches was now covered by six extra inches of sand. Fortunately, we had a metal detector that could find the ring that deep.

Wedding ring found at Stinson Beach

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