Lost Wedding Ring Found in San Francisco

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Kathleen lost her wedding ring in San Francisco

Kathleen lost her wedding ring in San Francisco, but we found it for her

Kathleen was gardening at home in San Francisco today when she pulled up a big pile of weeds and tossed them over the fence. Unfortunately, her ring disappeared at the same time. Since she’s been wearing it for 30 years, she definitely wanted to get it back.

We got to Kathleen’s house at about 7pm, hoping we’d be able to find the ring before sunset. But once we looked over the fence, we got worried: five foot tall brush and weeds so thick we wouldn’t be able to walk through them, let alone swing our metal detectors. We really hoped the ring was still on the inside of fence!

Good news: we found the ring within 15 minutes, and it was indeed inside the fence. It’s a beautiful ring, with a gold nugget design. I’m glad we were able to find it. Kathleen did everything right: she made careful note of exactly where the ring came off her finger, she searched very carefully , and when she couldn’t find it she called The Ring Finders!

Kathleen's wedding ring found



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  1. Kathleen Campbell says:

    I thought I had lost my wedding ring forever. It was irreplaceable. Buying a new ring wouldn’t have been the same – the gold nuggets were rough when we bought the ring, back in 1981, and had been smoothed by 30 years of wear. I am so grateful that Dave and Eryn found my ring. My husband is too!

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