Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found in San Francisco

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Kelly lost her silver ring with diamonds in San Francisco

Kelly lost her silver ring with diamonds in San Francisco

Yesterday was gorgeous in the San Francisco Bay Area, the first real spring day we’ve had this year. Kelly and her friends enjoyed a picnic at a park, then picked up the pace a little with some hula hoops. Unfortunately, Kelly’s ring flew off her finger when she spun the hoop. She and her friends searched the deep grass, but could not find the ring.

We met Kelly at the park today. She showed us where they held the picnic and we planned a gridded search. Kelly put us in the right place, because it took less than five minutes to find the ring buried in the grass. Our metal detectors can find jewelry through grass and weeds, as long as we can swing the loop low over the ground.

One more reminder: if you lose your ring, stop and look around, finding landmarks for each place where you may have lost it. Kelly put us in the right place, so the search today was very quick. We wish they were all this easy!

We found Kelly's silver diamond ring in the deep grass

3 Replies to “Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Found in San Francisco”

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks again for using your excellent skills to locate my ring! I loved watching the two of you use the metal detectors and am still shocked that the ring turned up so quickly. Great work!

    1. Nicole says:

      We spent quite a bit of time on hands and knees in the grass looking for that ring immediately after she lost it. We were pretty sure it was a goner — we’re so very lucky that you found our post on craigslist. Thank you so much for finding the ring!

  2. Dave Millman says:

    Kelly and Nicole,

    Thank you for your kind words!

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