Found: Lost Wedding Ring in San Jose Backyard

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Erik with the wedding ring he lost in San Jose

Lost wedding ring found in San Jose

Erik took off his wedding ring to trim bushes in his back yard in San Jose. The only problem was the hole in his pants pocket. He didn’t notice the ring was gone until he’d finished and hauled all the trimmings to the street. After searching for a couple of hours, he called The Ring Finders.

If you’ve read the other stories in this blog, you know that sometimes hunts take an hour or more. This one didn’t. Erik showed us where he was standing when he took off the ring. We started searching for the missing ring with two metal detectors. First hit: too deep. Second & third hits: sprinkler heads. Fourth hit: Platinum and gold wedding ring, lying right on the ground but covered in deep grass.

Erik was super happy (check out the photos). His family is getting ready to move, so if he didn’t find the ring soon, it might have been lost forever.  We stayed for a while to check out his cool chicken coop (three egg layers), then left before the rain started.

What to do if you lose your ring or jewelry: First, look around, mark your exact location. Second, retrace your steps since you last saw the lost jewelry. Third, get some friends to help you search, the more the better. Finally, if you can’t find it, call The Ring Finders. We’ve got metal detectors, and more important, years of experience finding lost rings and jewelry.

2 Replies to “Found: Lost Wedding Ring in San Jose Backyard”

  1. Erik says:

    I am so grateful for the help Dave and his daughter Eryn provided in finding my lost ring! They accomplished in about six minutes what I had been unable to in several hours of hunting. They were friendly and professional as they got straight to the business at hand, with rain clouds threatening.

    Locating my ring was an incredible relief. Thanks again!!

  2. Dave Millman says:

    Thanks, Erik! Hope your move goes well!

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