Found: Lost Sweet Sixteen Watch on San Francisco Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Abbey and her friends enjoyed Baker Beach in San Francisco until after dark last Wednesday night. Then she discovered her Cartier watch, a Sweet Sixteen gift from her parents, was missing. The whole group used their cell phones as flashlights, but they couldn’t find it.

We met Abbey at the beach this afternoon. She and her friend Madeline had already marked where they thought the blanket had been. They did a good job-it took us less than 20 minutes to find the watch, about ten feet away. Check out the YouTube video-Abbey was pretty happy!

Found lost watch at Baker Beach in San Francisco

P.S. That’s the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. See the next posting-we also recovered a missing platinum ring in Marin County on the other side of the bridge today-that’s two big recoveries in one day.

See the comments for Abbey’s follow-up note.

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  1. Abbey says:

    Dave and Eryn Millman were two of the kindest, most generous, and professional people I have met. Dave saw that I was inquiring for anyone with a metal detector– because I had lost my watch in the sand at Baker Beach.

    He emailed me in a friendly and professional manner– we corresponded and ended up talking on the phone. Dave knew exactly what to do in the case of a lost metal valuable! He explained that there are certain initial questions that we must ask– steps to take that I would never think of– but I learned were key in retrieving my sentimental and pricy Cartier watch! These included questions about the weather, the proximity to the water, etc. He even looked up the time of the tide for me that evening online while over the phone. Extremely competent sounding and I immediately felt relieved. I knew I was talking to the right team of people since the start of the phone chat. Dave told me that he and Eryn had a job in Marin on Sunday morning, and said that they could meet me at Baker Beach in the afternoon.

    Dave and Eryn showed up when they said they would– despite the less-than-great conditions (it was raining and pretty cold that day). Dave had told me on the phone to retrace my steps to where I lost it– and I did just that, (with my friend Madeleine, who I was with the nigh ton the beach). Dave and Eryn each had metal detector– which I soon saw were more complicated than I thought! The two of them greeted me smiling, very warm and kind while being extremely professional and work-ready.

    Dave and Eryn set up boundaries– making a frame based on the spot that I had decided I had left my items that night. They talked calmly to one another– as I sat on and watched with Madeleine. Dave and Eryn had a system so that every area would be covered. Soon beeps started going off– though the first few times they went off they were just scrap metal or bottle caps. Each time the sound went off, they had the skills and tools to gently dig and sift through the sand to find the metal. The beep went off– and at the time I was watching Dave work. But I heard my friend let out a scream of joy and I turned to see Eryn holding the watch! Joy does not begin to describe how I felt! I immediately jumped up and gave Eryn a huge hug! I believe I may have jumped up and down once or twice. Definitely lots of squealing and “Oh my gosh’s!” I could not believe that on the entire beach Eryn narrowed in on the small space where the watch had settled! Amazing. And– the whole time from when we met them to when the watch was found was no longer than twenty minutes!!

    The ring meant so much to me, as I got it for my “Sweet Sixteen!” And it was an expensive piece, a gift I could never afford to buy myself again.

    Dave and Eryn did not only make me happy that day about my watch– but I think of them– as since that day they have been a real inspiration to me. Their attitudes and actions have inspired me to be kinder to others and generally more positive about certain situations. They showed up on that rainy day with such genuine caring hearts and terrific attitudes. And both were so humble after finding the watch, too. And it was their second huge find of the day! Eryn had also found a platinum ring they were looking for in Marin! Wow. She made a lot of people happy that day. What a lovely father and daughter. I wish them both the very very best.

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