Lost bracelet Leech Lake MN...Found 50 years later and returned to its owner.

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

My family went up north Minnesota to a resort on Leech Lake. While there I decided to help out the owner and try to find some old mouring anchors. As I was scuba diving I found an old  bracelet. When I returned home, I got a chance to clean it up a bit and was able to read a name on the bracelet. Off to the the internet and only one person was found with this name and he was in Omaha Nebraska. I called and sure enough it was him. He is currently 68 years old and said he had lost the bracelet when he was in High School. His family used to go up to the resort and he was fishing off the dock and the bracelet fell off into the water. He said he searched but couldn’t find it. He was so happy as it brought back a lot of fond memories. I sendt it back to him and I hope it is a personal treasure that can be handed down in his family with a great story for the generations to come. Take care – Darrin