Metal detecting Vancouver, WA lost wedding ring recovered!

  • from Vancouver (Washington, United States)

I received a call from Kim, she let me know her and her husband Chris had just gotten married about 3 months ago, he was being a good husband and planting some new tree’s in their front yard. Later on he found out he had also planted his brand new wedding ring as well, Danielle to the rescue! I came over and found they had planted a few trees near the house that day but he wasn’t sure where it came off. Since we were close to the house I was getting a lot of hit’s.  I let them know I wanted to go over each new tree area as Chris was ready to just rip them all out, but I knew I should be able to find it without that needing to happen. After a little searching I knew what tree it was under.  I had Chris pull the tree to the side and there it was! They were so happy to have their ring back, I love happy endings! Chris didn’t have to rip out all his tree’s and had his ring back in under 15 minutes.

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