Advertising Ideas for "The Ring Finders" members

from Troy (New York, United States)

Hi All,

I recently had some advertising items made up to promote “The Ring Finders” name more in my area. I ran it by Chris and he said to start a blog on it, so here it goes.

I used to make my magnetic truck signs, and “The Ring Finders” rack cards. I was quite happy with the VistaPrint items I made and purchased. I bought  the background  picture on my magnetic truck sign and is free to use for the members of The Ring Finders upon request. FYI on the magnetic sign: If you intend to make one for a vehicle select the large magnet. I made and purchased the smaller version, it was to small and the lettering was hard to read. My magnetic image specs that I used on Vistaprint are available upon request.

The rack card pdf image is available to The Ring Finders members through The Ring Finders infobook page. Vistaprint gives an option to add your information on the back of the Rack Card like I show in my pic., very neat. Here are a few pics of what I have done so far.

Cost of the Large Magnetic sign: $45 for 4

Cost of the Rack Cards: $27 for 50 cards. Included were some options selected for the card.


Dan from Troy, NY




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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Cool Daniel, Thanks for sharing and look forward to watching you grow as a ring finder in your town!

  2. great stuff thanks for sharing…..

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