The KEY to my Success and how rewards come in many forms!

from Orcas Island (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-360-298-2232

Travel, rain, up at 5am etc, these are all part of the adventure of being a Ring Finder. I received a call from a woman last week who was in need of help finding a key. She told me over the phone that a key had been lost by someone clearing brush inside a gated water retention pond near Smokey Point Washington.  As we talked I could hear in her voice that this a really important key. I think that possibly a lot of people think of the glamor, if that’s what you might call it of metal detecting and finding beautiful gold, silver rings, watches and sentimental jewelry. Well, yes, it’s that, but it’s also finding other things that get lost. And that includes keys, or in this case, key. For me, living on an Island meant up at 5 am out by 5:45, in line for the ferry, wait, an hour+ ride to the mainland and in this case another 50 mile drive before arriving to meet up with Carol. She had brought along her son, a wonderfully curios, very cool 11 year old. So there we were, a little after 9 am standing in a typical Pacific Northwest Drizzle the three of us discussing the details about how and possibly where this key had gone to. It had been about 3 weeks since the key was lost and Carol and friends had been over the area more than a few times even employing her son and his Luke Skywalker looking metal detector. No luck. So I started with the usual questions and started my search. After an hour with lots of tin foil, pop tops and false signals we went to the other Pond up the street. After more of the same, I kept asking if there was anything she might have missed telling me. Well a couple of things came to her and we went back to the first pond. We both had this feeling if indeed it was lost, it would be here. I kept trying to reenact what might have happened tracing and retracing my steps and thoughts. Well perseverance pays off. I got a strong 64 on my AT Pro, just like the test I did on a similar brass key. On my hands and knees with my pin pointer, about 4 inches under wet, muddy twigs, wedged alongside a piece of concrete there it was! I pulled it out turned and simply said, here ya go. I’ve never seen such a great smile and look of relief on someone as I did right there in the drizzle. So besides finding the key, I had the greatest time with Carol and her son. Along the way, I showed him what I did, I even set him up with my back-up metal detector. I seeded the area with some pocket change and he took to it like a duck to water. Thank you Carol for your kind reward and the great burrito you treated me to! Thank you Sidney for your help and letting me pass along some treasure hunting secrets, and for inviting me to come see you in the play, “A Christmas Carol”, I’ll be there. Rewards come in many forms!


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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    It is truly a blessing to be able to help people like this find things that they need to have found. And good form in helping the little man get an awesome taste of the treasure hunting bug. Very good work!

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