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I received a text today, regarding a lost ring in Devils Lake, Manitou Beach Michigan. Nathan had lost his ring yesterday while playing in the water with his wife and children.

After my wife returned home, I loaded up and made the short 35 minute drive to the address given. On arrival I spoke with the Alvarez family and was briefed on the activity leading up to the loss.

Nathan and his family had been staying at a friends waterfront cabin over the past several days when the ring was lost. Efforts were made to locate the ring for the past 30 hours to no avail.

Nathan, Lisa and their children escorted me out to the dock, showing me the area where he thought the ring had fallen off his finger.

The lake was murky due to the excessive boat traffic and the bottom was barely visible. I chose to start near a small patch of weeds, where Nathan believed the ring would be found.

As I entered the water, I began another ring find, another sentimental search just as meaningful and important as the last. The owner, Nathan was visibly upset, as anyone would be. I tried to lighten the mood and remain focused at the same time.

My goal is always the same, instill confidence and remain successful. I turned my minelab excal detector on, and faded away as the coil began to swing through the water.

The area of interest was detected meticulously and cleared, producing an old .22 caliber bullet. The signal was faint and deep, most likely not the recently lost ring. Every signal has to be recovered to insure nothing is missed. The bullet was sandblasted by many years underwater, being buried beneath the abrasive sand. I slightly deviated to another area slightly to the left, and was rewarded with a clear shallow signal.

One big scoop from the bottom produced fine sand, quickly washed away by the warm murky water. What remained in the scoop made my day, along with the day of the 4 adults, two of which were Nathan and Lisa.

The beautiful mens wedding band stared back at me as I extended my arm, reaching the scoop toward Lisa. She retrieved the beautiful ring, her face lit up with joy!

The entire search took 180 seconds, a mere 3 minutes, which will remain with all of us for many years to come!

Nathan and Lisa, I appreciate the phone call, and the opportunity to have met your family and help recover your ring this evening! Thank you for your generosity and the experience!

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