Ring found/ Swains Lake, Concord Mi

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

Last night at 11:15pm I received a email about a lost ring in a local lake, in the county I live in. Krystal seemed frantic and very emotional in her email. I contacted her today and made an appointment to conduct a detailed scuba search of the lake.

After morning obligations, and the kids were dropped off at school, I returned home to load up my dive gear. I Op checked items and headed to the water for my morning cardio.

On arrival, Krystal explained the circumstances leading up to the loss of her husbands ring. She began to cry during our conversation and told me she had lost her mother recently. Her mother helped pick the ring out for her husband, taking this dive to a entirely new level.

I entered the water and walked out to the approximate area where the ring was believed to have been lost. Going subsurface I started my systematical search with overlapping coverage.  

Previous searches have taught me, extending the search area saves time in the long run. Items lost usually put people into panic mode, and they think the item is somewhere it usually isn’t. 

After I swam numerous grid patterns,  i received a clear and solid signal. One scoop off the bottom indicated the target was now inside my hand. A few shakes to dissipate the silt revealed a beautiful color of gold and diamonds!

I slowly swam toward shore to surprise Krystal and make her last horrible 24 hours much better! 

After explaining my search techniques and the lack of other signals, I told Krystal I would have to switch tanks soon. She looked deflated and like she had lost hope, until I handed her the single thing she had cried about all night!

Krystal was absolutely thankful and over joyed!! Krystal, your Mom was smiling down on you today!! This dive was absolutely priceless!!

Have a wonderful day,  and I appreciate friendship and the business!! Please share this story and my info, it could change someone’s day!!

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