from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

I received a call from Cindy who told me her husband lost his ring on Aug 14.

Her husband was swimming in his family’s pond and his wedding ring slid off his finger on his way back to the dock.

I arrived today and found the pond to be beautiful,,,and very green. The pond had algae weed control green dye in it. This reduces visibility to less than a few inches. If sunlight can’t reach the bottom, weeds wont grow. 

I acquired my gear and obtained the final details on the lost ring before enjoying the darkness.. 

After walking to 5′, I deflated my BC and touched the very soft and silty bottom.

I lost a little motivation after realizing the silt was over 8″ deep. Deep silt and a heavy ring could be a recipe for disaster. If the ring fell beyond my detector’s depth, this searxh could be a lost cause…

I quickly gained all of my lost motivation back after hearing a nice signal. The signal was crisp, loud and clean and this is a signal I’ve heard many times before…

I isolated the signal, set the detector aside, obtained my pin pointer and reached deep into the bottom. This process was done in complete darkness, totally by feel. 

Although most of the ponds and lakes in Michigan insure this series stay’s well tuned and rehearsed, because 100% visibility underwater in Michigan is as common as mermaids…

After insuring I was holding a ring, I surfaced to observe the item and confirm or deny its identity. 

Moments after surfacing, Cindy quickly confirmed it by creatively using a few choice words! The ring was photographed and returned to it’s rightful owner. Another successful search is over and another happy customer was made! 

Cindy Scherdt THANK YOU for the opportunity and it was a pleasure meeting you guys!


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