Lost ring and one cross found.. Carey, Ohio

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

I received a call the other day for a class ring lost in a family pond. The house was located in Carey, Ohio, 131 miles south east of my residence. After coordinating the dive with my wife and family activities, I found a day to help out.

I left the house this morning at 8:00am, arrived at the residence in Ohio at 10:33a. The family was happy to see me and briefed me on the events leading up to the loss of the ring. 

Keaton had been swimming with his girlfriend and her 5 year old Rhodesian ridge back, when his necklace fell victim to a swimming front paw from the approaching dog. The necklace contained 2 crosses and one class ring.  

The necklace would be hard to locate since the clasp would be the only object able to be detected. Although the ring was the primary target and the other items would be bonus’s if found.

The pond water was green due to an additive to prevent weed growth, limiting visibility to around 1/2 inch just under the surface, and zero visibility less than a foot under. The ring was lost near a floating and orbiting swim raft, being pushed around a large area by the wind.

In addition, several areas of the bottom were covered with geothermal pipes and coils, along with, what was estimated to be, “at least a 20 pack” of sunken beer cans. The cans had been thrown into the water individually, in different areas over the years…

With the negative issues outweighing the positive 97% to 3%, I returned to the truck to gear up. Not very good odds, but I’m always up for a challenge

I started searching along the believed azimuth taken the day of the loss, and widened my search outward. The bottom temperature was 40 degrees due to the geothermal system, only allowing me to dive the first two tanks with my 3mm suit. 

After thawing out, I returned with my 3rd tank and entered the water. After burning 2000psi, I located a small signal amongst many pvc pipes from the underwater geothermal system. The risk of the dive was forgotten as soon as I felt the familiar shape I’ve found so many times before. I inflated my BC l, being careful not to get snagged on the surrounding obstacles I could only feel, not see.

As I rose to the surface, I lifted my hand in excitement over my head. Keaton, his future father in law and his girlfriend threw their arms up in return. They excitedly jumped out of their chairs to meet me at the waters edge.

During the search i located a trailer hitch, many beer cans, one quarter, several pull tabs, one pair of broken white sunglasses, an old scuba mask, several bottle caps, one old water thermometer, one of the crosses, and the ring.

Keaton, thanks for the call and the experience! I’m glad i could help you guys out!!

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