Ring found-Marshall, Mi

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

I received a call the other day about a lost ring in Marshall, Mi. Ron was weed whipping his yard when he believed the vibration caused his ring to fall off. After coordinating a day with the family, I made plans and assured Ron I’d do my best. 

I arrived at 10:15am today and was briefed on the possible locations the ring may have fallen. The well kept immaculate yard had what appeared to me miles of weed whipped areas. I chose a starting point and began the search.

11 minutes into the search I located a small shallow target on what appeared to be undisturbed dirt. The location was under a large tree, 18″ from the trunk. Ron anxiously looked on as I dug a shallow plug, removing a piece of old foil. Several more shallow signals were located and removed.Ron tried to deal with the agony of watching and occupied himself with other chores.

I followed the fence line, checked radius’s around his tree’s, and along the edge of the house. I must say, during the entire search I didn’t find any places Ron missed while using his weed whip.

While working my way around the manicured front yard, I got a shallow solid signal. Luckily Ron had his back turned and allowed me time to snap a picture, and get my cell phone set to record the reveal.

I called Ron over to the back of my truck and presented the trash I dug during the search. As he inspected the pieces, I handed him his lost wedding ring. Ron tried his best to hold back his emotions, but I think he was in shock for the first few moments he held his ring. 

Ron, THANK YOU for the opportunity, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it! Another happy customer and another friend made!

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