Open water dual ring find (Chelsea, Michigan)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

Several days ago I received a email concerning a lost ring in Chelsea Michigan. The act of juggling things at home to find the dive time began. Growing anticipation made it hard to sleep last night, but I finally drifted off hoping the morning would come quickly.

After seeing my daughter off to school with my wife and son, I anxiously loaded my truck and replayed all the details. I hoped the possibility of a successful “ring find” was within reach, but uncontrollable obstacles always seem to present themselves.

I pointed the truck 48 minutes east to meet a great friend who would be accompanying me on the dive. Robert would be driving 1.3 hours to Chelsea and would be diving to increase our odds of success.

I arrived and met Robert near Elizabeth’s house, we drove up the driveway to meet Elizabeth (Libby) and her mother Julie.

After loading the boat with hundreds of pounds of gear, we discussed the events leading up to the loss of Libby’s 2 individual rings. Robert and I prepped and checked our gear before taking full advantage of the beautiful 54 degree morning, hopping in and remaining as hopeful as Libby.

The spot was initially gps’d and marked, and now a lone divers flag floated in the approximate location. We orbited the area with our detectors slowly, insuring the area was thoroughly covered. We would search in all directions of the divers flag, until the rings were located. The possibility of drifting may have occurred before the spot was saved on the gps, so we assumed this would be a several hour search.

After 45 minutes submerged, I locating several pull tabs,aluminum can pieces, and a zebco 33 fishing pole. I surfaced slowly to get my bearing and descended once again. After reaching the bottom, I swam directly over a shallow and clear signal.

I dug the signal slowly, being careful not to lose the target in the loose silt beneath the weeds. I felt a round heavy item and raised it within an inch of my mask to identify the item. To my amazement I focused on a shiny white gold ring with a beautiful stone!! After finding the wedding ring, I remained in place and checked the immediate area for the other lost ring.

Several feet to my right I located an identical sounding signal. The item was carefully located and removed from the silt in the same fashion. This target was the white gold matching engagement ring!! I slowly swam back to the boat to surprise Libby and Julie.

Many thoughts of presenting the rings ran thru my head, so I put on my best “defeated poker face” and tried to make my act believable.

I crawled aboard and started telling Libby and Julie about the weeds and dark water with zero visibility, I hoped they bought the story.

After placing my fins and detector on the floor of the pontoon, I reached and motioned for Libby to open her hand. She looked in amazement and confused when the two rings were returned to her. Julie yelled “oh my gosh, you did it!!” Libby didn’t cry, but smiled all the way back to the dock!!

The morning was as perfect as I hoped, and Robert and I were very happy to have been a part of it!!

Libby and Julie, THANK YOU for the opportunity and the beginning of a great friendship! Please keep our numbers and let us know if we can ever help again!!!

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