6 year old lost ring (Nappanee Ohio)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

IMG_3346 My brother in law and I made a trip to Elkhart Indiana this morning, leaving at 7am to begin a long 3 ring day. 2.5 hours later and a few paid tolls, we arrived at our first ring find. Nick was tagging along for moral support. Every team needs cheerleaders!!

This specific ring belonged to Stephanie Byler, who lost her ring 4 years ago at her parents house. Stephanie was playing volleyball in the pool when she realized her ring was missing from her finger. The family searched the area around the pool and even borrowed a metal detector, but had no luck finding it.

After reading Libby Evans story I posted last week,Stephanie contacted me to try my luck again. Stephanie actually began to cry when she told her husband I was willing to help.

These unfortunate events are usually filled with many emotions, and regardless of how many years go by, the single moment a sentimental item is lost, time seems to freeze until that item is found..

I spoke to Stephanie’s mother and asked her what she remembered about the day the ring was lost. After a brief conversation, I retrieved my XP dues detector and began my search.

I started searching around the pool, and would expand my search in a spiral pattern until the ring was located, or the entire yard was cleared.

I had a single signal before I located a beautiful clean tone, approximately 4-5″ deep within 15′ of the pool. I hadn’t even made one lap around the pool before I located this specific signal.

One scoop later, with the dry dirt under the finely manicured lawn exposed, I stared into the crater and saw beautiful gold diamond ring!

The entire search took 12-14 minutes, from the moment I pulled up, to when I was covering up the hole which produced the ring! Many nights of worrying and sadness could now be forgotten. I imagined how happy Stephanie would be in a few moments after making a single phone call.

Nick and I returned my gear to my truck and knocked on the door to speak with Stephanie’s mom.

After some begging and a very important promise, I showed her the ring and asked her to keep the secret until I called Stephanie and surprised her. She agreed and followed the promise with a prayer to keep us safe as we continued with our day and the two remaining ring finds.

Stephanie is a 3rd grade school teacher and was unable to answer when I called. I left a voicemail and asked her to return my call because I had additional questions concerning the search.

20 long minutes later, Stephanie called and the conversation was recorded… capturing the emotions and excitement is the utmost of importance to me!! This is the best part of finding lost rings!!!

Stephanie was very excited and couldn’t wait to meet up with us later to pick up her long lost ring.

After meeting Stephanie and her husband Robert, we learned the ring had been lost 6.5 years ago, not 4 as I was originally told. Stephanie didn’t want to discourage any search efforts, and feared I wouldn’t have helped if she told me when her ring was actually lost. This makes Stephanie’s ring my oldest reported ring found to date!

6.5 years of cutting grass, Indiana blizzards and thunderstorms allowed this ring to sink 4-5″, but also allowed Stephanie an unforgettable experience!! Thanks again Stephanie and Robert! We appreciate everything and we’re glad we could help!!!

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