Lost wedding ring found (Grove City, Ohio)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

Today I drove 4 hours south, to Southern Ohio to meet my former Team Leader, and business partner with Veterans Underwater Recovery,Scott Guise. Scott made the trip North, from Lexington Virginia.

We devoted 4 days to dive for a lost ring reported approximately one month ago, and would not leave Ohio until it was found, regardless of the time spent!

This was a special event, although each and every single ring find is very special, this women not only lost her ring, but lost her house to a horrible fire before the ring was lost. Janelle and her family had been through enough horrible experiences, it was time for some good news..!!

Scott and I entered the river and noticed the current had increased immensely due to an ongoing thunderstorm. The current and raising water level made this dive challenging, even for two 20+ year divers…but, if you get two former Marine’s together, there is no option to either show weakness or give up, ever!

A systematic search of the river bottom produced several targets and most importantly a beautiful shiny ring laying buried beneath the riverbed.

After exiting the river, scott made “the call” to Janelle, I recorded a video as Scott told her about the find!! Janelle fought the emotions but was extremely excited and overwhelmed with emotions!

Approximately 1.5 hours later, Janelle arrived with her beautiful family to put her ring on her finger once again. Janelle admitted she appreciated us trying to search for her ring, but she had lost hope and thought she would never see her ring again. I hope this experience brightened their day and she realized there is ALWAYS HOPE!!

Janelle, thank you for the opportunity and it was a pleasure meeting you and your family!!!

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