Ring recovered, (Fenton Michigan)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

Several days ago I received information on a lost ring that was attempted to be found by a friend. The ring was reported lost 4 weeks earlier and remained lost. While on my way back from a successful ring find in the Saginaw Michigan area, I stopped in Fenton Michigan and met Brad.

Brad was extremely upset about losing his Great Grandfathers ring. He searched the house, yard, friends house, and finally looked for assistance online, where he located Gregg Larabel and Dave Boyer.

Greg and Dave searched the water where the ring was thought to have been lost without luck. The information was relayed to me, having the ability to scuba dive and clear the deeper water beyond Brads dock.

On this specific day, I had several hours to burn before another ring find in Ann Arbor Michigan. I used 2 scuba tanks and spent approximately 4-4.5 hours submerged at Brads house, and a nearby friends house.
After the initial search, I informed Brad I had to leave to make the 7p appointment, but I would definitely be back in a few days.

Brad had spent a few hours at his friends house before returning home the day the ring was lost. He was also pulled off his dock while trying to tie his pontoon up, and visited neighbors for a drink several doors down afterwards. There were many locations and variables with this search, it wasn’t the “I saw it fall in the lake here” scenario.

Detailed coordination and a “green light” from my wife resulted in another trip to Fenton Michigan this morning. I left the house at 6am, arrived at 7:47am and drank a cup of coffee with Brad and Larry, his 7 year old lab who could out swim Michael Phelps.

Brad was beating himself up over the lost ring and rehearsed every single event the day it was lost. We searched his couch, magazine basket, pontoon boat, coffee table and finally I decided to get my gear and start diving. Brad was pulled off his dock the day he lost the ring and believes the ring was in the lake somewhere.

Before getting suited up, I decided to clear the neighbors yard because Brad had mentioned he had tripped crossing a small fence while returning home from having a quick drink. Brad latched onto a large bush to catch himself and prevent from falling. He fell asleep on his couch after entering the house.

I started my land search and checked brads yard, a bush and the tree he latched onto the night he lost the ring. Once in the neighbors yard, I located a shallow surface signal directly under the white wooden perimeter fence. To my amazement, I pinpointed the area, pushed the tall grass aside and saw the most amazing thing, HIS RING!!!

I handed a dazed and surprised Brad his ring and watched as he jumped and ran in circles with tears in his eyes…. Brad fought back tears and gave me a huge guy hug! The weight lifted of my shoulders was unexplainable…I am so thankful for another chance to find and return such a sentimental item!!! Brad, thank you for the opportunity and friendship!!


Brads Grandfather, John A Herms, was a 2nd Lt in the US Army in World War I. He was a very connected business man in the Detroit area in his day. John was also the commander of the American Legion Post 124, and one of the founding members. The ring cherished and worn by John Herms was one of his prized possessions. It was given to Brad several years ago by his father after the passing of his Great Aunt. Brad cherished the ring as much, if not more as his Great Grandfather!!! Here are some amazing pictures of John, and Brad with his ring!! Note the striking resemblance!!! I’m proud to be a veteran and I’m proud to have found a ring once owned by a World War I veteran!! Great grandpa John Herms is smiling from above!!!

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