Sentimental keys (Somerset, Michigan)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

I returned to a lake where a ring had been lost several years earlier. This would be my 4th dive, the location of the ring could only be estimated, since it was lost from a boat.

While walking to the water I was approached by a gentlemen who seemed very happy to see me. He asked if I was “Craig” and explained he had lost his keys a week or so earlier while trying to prevent a boat from floating away from the dock. He was upset about losing them but didn’t tell me the entire story until after they were located.

I was able to find the keys relitively quickly and returned them to him, patiently waiting on shore. The key ring contained a bottle opener, once owned by his father who had passed several years earlier. This sentimental value of this set of keys was off the chart!!! I was absolutely honored to be a part of the recovery!!

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