Reservoir emerald (Adrian, Michigan)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

I was contacted by Mr Hoyt who was upset and had told me his daughter lost her engagement ring while swimming near his dock.


On arrival, the long dock led into the reservoir and the water seemed very stained and deep. Mr Hoyt was hopeful but couldn’t imagine me finding the ring in such dark conditions.

As I descended it became apparent that I would be dealing with zero visibility, deep water and a slight current. As soon as I hit the bottom, at 25′. I became entangled in a 1969’s style metal chair that was once on the dock. I recovered several deep brush piles and brought them back to the dock to be searched by Mr Hoyt while I continued to dive.

Approximately an hour into the dive, after recovering 20 old lures (from a tackle box that may have accidentally been spilled into the water years earlier), I located a clear signal on the edge of a dropoff. A quick “feel” of the sandy bottom produced a 2ct emerald bordered with diamonds.

I surfaced and swam back to the dock, handing the ring to Kevin. He was absolutely amazed and couldn’t thank me enough!!!

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