Lost ring in the Snow (Dexter, Michigan)

from Jackson (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-517-990-2016

I was shown the area where the ring had been lost, before Leah had to leave for a mandatory work meeting. I could tell she wasn’t sure if she could trust me, being she had just met me. She pulled away and I began searching with my deus in my custom gold program. 2.5 hours later I had trampled all the snow and dug numerous targets. In disbelief I took a short break to evaluate my plan and why I hadn’t found it yet. The area was along side a paved road and all the snow had been plowed into a furough along side the road by the county plow truck. I searched for a hundred yards in both directions and on both sides of the road, to no avail.

After warming up for 20 minutes, (temps were -20), I called Leah who was on her way back to the location to see how I was doing. On arrival I asked her if her wedding band was similar to her lost engagement band, ironically it was. The ironic part was both rings were purchased separately and were from the 1920’s. After setting her ring on he ground I was in total disbelief my detector didn’t make a sound when I swung it over her wedding band.  I found a stock program on my deus that indicated the ring was a vdi of 24, and gave a clear signal.

Leah followed me back to the area and stood shivering while I swung over the many footprints I had made earlier. Within 2 minutes she was crying and holding a ball of ice with her ring visible inside. She couldn’t have been happier!!!!



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