Lost Platinum Wedding Ring — Sanibel Island — Found in Water and Returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Katy and her family were enjoying the warm Gulf waters at Sanibel Island when her husband felt his platinum wedding band slip off his finger.  They searched for some time on their own with no success.

Later that evening, Katy began searching the internet to find where they could rent a metal detector locally.  That’s when Katy came across our contact information on the Ring Finders website.  Katy and her husband then decided to contact professionals who are experienced in using metal detectors rather than trying to rent a metal detector on their own.

After Katy contacted my wife and I, we made arrangements to meet at the next lowest tide.  Upon our arrival, we took a short walk to the beach and discussed all the particulars and landmarks of how and where the ring was lost.  After searching for about an hour with no success, my wife and I began expanding our search area even more.  Not long after that, my wife signaled to me that she had found the missing platinum band.

The ring was returned and the picture says the rest!

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