Sanibel Island — Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand Found and Returned

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Sunday afternoon Robyn felt her wedding ring come off while swatting pesky no-see-ums at the waters edge while looking for shells.  After looking for the ring for some time and being unable to locate it, we received a call asking for our help.

After getting all the details on how and where the ring was lost, my wife and I decided to head out Sunday night knowing the tide was coming in and the beach traffic was light.

We met Robyn and headed out to the general area on the beach where she had lost the ring.  Since the ring could have flown off her finger toward the water’s edge or toward the dry sand, my wife and I split up our search efforts.   After just a few minutes, my wife had located the missing ring in the dry sand.  Smiles and hugs were exchanged as Robyn put the ring back on her finger where it belongs.