Ring Lost in Sand — Found and Returned! Captiva Island to Naples

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Anyone who lives in Florida near the water             or has vacationed in the area has discovered         the small/tiny almost invisible biting fly:               the NO-SEE-UM!  Not only do the no-see-ums bite, but they can also cause people to lose their rings while trying to swat them away—at least that’s what happened to this gentleman!

While swatting at no-see-ums, he felt his wedding ring fly off his finger and heard it hit something before burying itself in the soft beach sand.

He knew the ring had to have landed in a relatively small area, but after spending much time sifting through the sand without being able to find it, he knew he needed help.  That’s when he found our contact information.

In our discussion he explained that the ring did not have a lot of monetary value; but it had a lot of sentimental value to him.  We made arrangements to meet, and after obtaining permission from the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva to enter the property in order to search for the ring, he showed my wife and I the area where he knew it to be.

We began our search trying to be respectful of the other beach goers lounging in chairs nearby.  However, the ring was nowhere to be found.  Pretty soon, the beach goers who had been observing what was going on began to offer to move their chairs and belongings, but still no ring.  That’s when we began asking more people if we could quickly search their “space” and sure enough under someone’s chair right next to their umbrella the ring was found!


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