How to Find a Lost Ring at the Beach. . . Sanibel Island, FL

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)



After discovering the Ring Finder website, Gerard and his wife Kim contacted me about looking for his wedding ring that slipped off his finger into the Gulf waters off Sanibel Island near the lighthouse.   Gerard explained that the ring was very important and sentimental to him and his family.  So after some phone conversations and text messages were exchanged, my wife and I came up with a plan to search for his ring.

Since neither Gerard or Kim would be at the location the day we looked for it, I asked Gerard to provide a map/diagram of the area he thought he lost it.  Equipped with the map and our Minelab Excalibur metal detectors and scoops, we began our search.

The two of us searched for over over 2  1/2 hours before I finally saw Gerard’s ring in my scoop.  As soon as we returned to the vehicle, we texted a picture of the found ring for Gerard and his family to see.

Arrangements were then made to meet an ecstatic Gerard and his daughter the next evening and return the ring.

Thank you for contacting us through The Ring Finder metal detecting service website–brings us great joy to reunite people with their lost items.  Thank you for the generous reward as well.