Lost Ring in Water at Bonita Beach Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

A fellow ring finder received a call from Noemi & Josh about searching for Josh’s wedding band that went missing in the Gulf waters of Bonita Beach, Florida.  Unable to perform the search, the fellow ring finder & friend gave me a call to see if I could be available.

I obtained the couple’s contact information and gave Noemi a call.  She explained they were on their “babymoon” (first baby due next month) and were enjoying some relaxation and beach time when Josh realized his wedding band had come off in the water at some point.

Knowing that area of beach is heavily detected, my wife and I made arrangements to come out as soon as possible.  When we arrived, Josh met us in the parking lot and took us to the area of the beach where Noemi was waiting.  They made sure to stay exactly in the area where the ring was lost and made note of all landmarks.

After adjusting a bit for the lowering tide, we began the search–my wife equipped with a Minelab Excalibur and myself the CTX 3030.  Within just a few moments, I came across a target registering in the penny range.  With very few targets in the rest of the search area, I decided to dig the object.  It was a penny; but there were more signals coming from the same hole.  After removing about 5 pennies, I rechecked the hole again.  This time the detector registered a target in the gold range.  After digging again, the ring was in the scoop!

I waved to Noemi and Josh letting them know I had found the ring.  Hugs and smiles were exchanged as Josh slipped the wedding band back on his finger.

Thank you, Noemi and Josh,  for giving us the opportunity to find the ring and congratulations on the new baby boy expected next month!


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