Silver Ring Lost in Naples , FL Found & Returned to Owner

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

On Sunday, July 5, 2015 we received a call from Kelly Sullivan asking for our help in finding a ring she lost in the warm Gulf waters off the coast of Lowdermilk Park in Naples.  She had been swimming the night before at low tide, so we made arrangements to meet her later in the evening at low tide.

Upon arrival, Kelly explained that the ring had extreme sentimental value to her and would mean so much to her to get it back.  With thunder and lightning in the near distance, we knew we had a short window of opportunity to find the ring.

Kelly, my wife and myself all headed out into the water to begin the search.  Kelly directed us to the general area where she thought the ring would be.  My wife and I split up into different areas and began our search.  Within about 15 -20 minutes, my wife pulled up a ring in the scoop. An ecstatic Kelly verified that it indeed was her ring.  We quickly exited the water as the thunderstorm was upon us.

We are so happy we could bring some joy back to Kelly by reuniting her and the ring!
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