Lost "Something Borrowed" Ring Found and Returned to Bride at Fort Myers Beach

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Julie wanted her Fort Myers Beach destination wedding day to be perfect as any bride does.  Everything was perfect until she realized the “something borrowed” ring from her mother had somehow came up missing during the beach ceremony. (The ring was very special as Julie’s dad had given her mother the ring over 60 years ago).

With the help of the wedding photographer, the newly married couple was able to establish a timeline and location of the general area where the ring was lost.  The couple searched frantically for the ring with no success and had resolved in their hearts that the ring would likely never be found.image image

Not wanting to give up, the couple searched the internet.  That’s when Julie and her husband came across the ring finder website and contacted us by email late Thursday night.  We returned a call to them the next morning to make arrangements to come out and search.

A few hours later we arrived at The Outrigger Beach Resort.  The lovely couple walked us out to the beach area where the ceremony had taken place.  With our Minelab metal detectors in hand, my wife and I began to search. It wasn’t long before my wife got that gold tone signal in her headphones. Laying just under the sand with a tiny edge of the gold band glistening in the sun, she uncovered the missing ruby and gold ring. Congratulations, smiles and hugs were exchanged as Julie slipped the ring back on her finger!





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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Fantastic! Great recovery! So glad that people find us so we can help them! Happy Hunting!

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