Sanibel Island Lost Diamond Ring Found & Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

image imageAfter much community effort, Nancy Carr from Canada gave us a call asking us to look for her lost diamond ring in the Gulf ocean waters off of Sanibel Island.

When Sharon Michie of Cottages to Castles who rented Nancy and her family a vacation property heard of Nancy’s lost ring, Sharon suggested that Nancy tell her story to the iLoveShelling community on Facebook. It worked! One of the iLoveShelling members replied to Nancy’s plea for help with a suggestion to call TheRingFinders.

After receiving Nancy’s call and within 6 hours of searching the Gulf waters, we found her ring.  It had been buried 14 inches under the sand!

Since Nancy had already returned home to Canada.  We made arrangements to to drop the ring off to Sharon Michie who then made arrangements to get the ring back to Nancy.

We we received a photo this week of Nancy reunited with her ring.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    6 hours…Long search but well worth the Smile! Great recovery!!!

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