Diamond Heirloom Ring Recovered from Gulf Waters of Sanibel Island, FL

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Joe and Stephanie Joyce from Texas gave me a call to locate a gold diamond ring that had slipped off Stephanie’s finger the day before.

The couple and their family were vacationing in sunny Sanibel, FL and while throwing a football to her son in knee deep ocean water, Stephanie saw the ring slip off her hand into the water below.  After an unsuccessful attempt to locate the ring themselves, they left the beach feeling distraught.  Joe went back to their condo and searched for a way to locate the ring and came across theringfinders website.

The next morning, Joe gave me a call and, after explaining the circumstances of the missing ring, my wife and I made arrangements to meet later in the afternoon.

Upon our arrival, we could tell immediately how upset Stephanie was.  The couple had arrived early at the beach so they could sit in the area where the ring was lost and we began our search.  An hour or so passed with no ring in the scoop and we were beginning to lose a little hope of recovering the ring from the ocean floor.  Based on prior experience of searching for lost rings in the same Sanibel area, we decided to expand the search area beyond where the couple thought they had lost it.  And sure enough, it wasn’t long until the familiar sound we were waiting for was heard from the metal detector and the beautiful heirloom was seen mixed in with shells and sand in the scoop.  The ring was returned and hugs, smiles and tears were exchanged.  Thanks go out to Joe and Stephanie for calling us and trusting us to find the beautiful ring!

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2 Replies to “Diamond Heirloom Ring Recovered from Gulf Waters of Sanibel Island, FL”

  1. Nice ring…great find. Hopefully, the rest of their vacation turned out well.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Fantastic! Way to expand the search area and find that lovely ring!

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