Wedding Ring Recovered from North Fort Myers Marina Canal

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)
Kristina reunited with her cherished wedding ring

Kristina reunited with her cherished wedding ring

image imageI received a call from distraught Kristina and Derek yesterday afternoon inquiring about the ring finder service.

Kristina explained that she and her husband Derek had a boat docked at Paradise Marina in North Fort Myers, Florida.  Derek was on the boat and Kristina was standing on the dock handing Derek spices after grilling when she felt her wedding ring slip off her finger and fall into the water below between the dock and the boat.

The wedding ring was a gift, had extreme sentimental value and was irreplaceable to Kristina.

Not knowing what to do or who to call, their first thought was to contact a scuba diver.   A scuba diver came out and performed a visual search, but was unsuccessful partly due to the murky/mucky bottom.

Feeling a bit skeptical after their first search attempt failed, I explained to Derek how the ring finder service works.  We exchanged location details and made plans to arrive this morning at low tide.

Upon arriving, it appeared that the boat slips were deep to accommodate larger boats.  Even at low tide, we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy ring retrieval due to the depth and muck bottom.

After spending about an hour coming up with various plans on how to make a stable surface to stand on in the muck. I began my search. After making a few adjustments in my search strategy, I soon heard a solid gold tone in the headphones of my Minelab 3030 using the 6″ coil.  By the third scoop attempt, the ring appeared in the scoop.  (It had sunk down about 6-8″ in the muck.)

The beautiful ring was returned to the amazed Kristina and Derek.  Tears, hugs and smiles were exchanged.



2 Replies to “Wedding Ring Recovered from North Fort Myers Marina Canal”

  1. Great recovery under difficult conditions.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go on a difficult recovery!

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