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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring — Sanibel Island — Found in Water and Returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Katy and her family were enjoying the warm Gulf waters at Sanibel Island when her husband felt his platinum wedding band slip off his finger.  They searched for some time on their own with no success.

Later that evening, Katy began searching the internet to find where they could rent a metal detector locally.  That’s when Katy came across our contact information on the Ring Finders website.  Katy and her husband then decided to contact professionals who are experienced in using metal detectors rather than trying to rent a metal detector on their own.

After Katy contacted my wife and I, we made arrangements to meet at the next lowest tide.  Upon our arrival, we took a short walk to the beach and discussed all the particulars and landmarks of how and where the ring was lost.  After searching for about an hour with no success, my wife and I began expanding our search area even more.  Not long after that, my wife signaled to me that she had found the missing platinum band.

The ring was returned and the picture says the rest!

FORT MYERS BEACH — Ring Lost while Helping Search for a Lost Ring — FOUND & RETURNED!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We received an email from Chris early last Sunday morning asking if we would be able to help locate a gold ring he had lost the day before when he was helping look for a gentleman’s lost ring at Fort Myers Beach.  The ring Chris lost had belonged to his grandfather and had a lot of sentimental value.

Chris had prior plans and was unable to meet us at Fort Myers Beach, but gave us as many details as he could as to the location of where the ring(s) had been lost.  After a few hours and expanding the search area, not only did we find Chris’ lost gold band, but also the lost ring belonging to the gentleman that Chris was trying to help look for. (see prior blog post for story and pictures).

We were able to meet Chris the same afternoon and return the ring.  The smile on his face says it all!

So happy we were able to return two more lost rings to their rightful owners!




FORT MYERS BEACH — Platinum and Diamond Ring Lost in Water — FOUND and RETURNED

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

As told by Jackie Moldavsky:

“My husband lost his ring last Saturday at Fort Myers Beach while in the water with our friends.  Six of us and another gentleman (whom we had never met) helped search for at least two hours.  During that time, the gentleman that was helping us, lost his ring as well.  To say the least, it was not a very good day for a lot of us.  On Sunday, we received a phone call from Craig and Stephanie Ostendorf.  They had found both my husband’s and the other gentleman’s rings!!! ❤️ We are so grateful!

Naples, FL — Lowdermilk Park — Ring Lost in Sand Found and Returned

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Mrs. Larson along with her husband and friends were enjoying a relaxing vacation beach day at Lowdermilk Park in beautiful Naples, Florida.  The joy subsided, though, when she realized her diamond and platinum wedding set had fallen into the loose sand.  Unable to locate the rings themselves, the Larson’s gave us a call asking for help.

Within just a few minutes of our arrival—equipped with our Minelab metal detectors—both rings were found and returned.  So glad we could be a part of another successful ring recovery!

Sanibel Island — Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand Found and Returned

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Sunday afternoon Robyn felt her wedding ring come off while swatting pesky no-see-ums at the waters edge while looking for shells.  After looking for the ring for some time and being unable to locate it, we received a call asking for our help.

After getting all the details on how and where the ring was lost, my wife and I decided to head out Sunday night knowing the tide was coming in and the beach traffic was light.

We met Robyn and headed out to the general area on the beach where she had lost the ring.  Since the ring could have flown off her finger toward the water’s edge or toward the dry sand, my wife and I split up our search efforts.   After just a few minutes, my wife had located the missing ring in the dry sand.  Smiles and hugs were exchanged as Robyn put the ring back on her finger where it belongs.


Naples, FL — Ring lost in canal during marriage proposal found and returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

The following is a description of events as told by Kayla & Franco:

”My boyfriend proposed to me on the dock where we share memories from the night we met.  He put the engagement ring on my finger and then wanted to show me the matching wedding band—but it fell out of the box and plopped into the water.  We attempted to sift through the murky, muddy bottom with no luck.  Thank goodness I found Craig Ostendorf through Ring Finders.  He found it so quickly and was happy to help.  I can tell he genuinely enjoys returning others’ valuables.  Thank you!  Now I have an extra special ring for our wedding day!”  Kayla and Franco

Rose gold and diamond wedding band retrieved from canal reunited with engagement ring!

Ring Lost in Sand — Found and Returned! Captiva Island to Naples

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Anyone who lives in Florida near the water             or has vacationed in the area has discovered         the small/tiny almost invisible biting fly:               the NO-SEE-UM!  Not only do the no-see-ums bite, but they can also cause people to lose their rings while trying to swat them away—at least that’s what happened to this gentleman!

While swatting at no-see-ums, he felt his wedding ring fly off his finger and heard it hit something before burying itself in the soft beach sand.

He knew the ring had to have landed in a relatively small area, but after spending much time sifting through the sand without being able to find it, he knew he needed help.  That’s when he found our contact information.

In our discussion he explained that the ring did not have a lot of monetary value; but it had a lot of sentimental value to him.  We made arrangements to meet, and after obtaining permission from the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva to enter the property in order to search for the ring, he showed my wife and I the area where he knew it to be.

We began our search trying to be respectful of the other beach goers lounging in chairs nearby.  However, the ring was nowhere to be found.  Pretty soon, the beach goers who had been observing what was going on began to offer to move their chairs and belongings, but still no ring.  That’s when we began asking more people if we could quickly search their “space” and sure enough under someone’s chair right next to their umbrella the ring was found!


Naples FL — Lost Ring Found and Returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

Lowdermilk Park, Naples Florida — Tulio was swimming and playing ball with friends in the warm Gulf waters of a local Naples beach when he saw his wedding ring fly off and sink into the water below.  After Tulio and his friends searched for the ring themselves with no success, he found our metal detecting services on the Ring Finder web site and contacted us the next morning.

Since he was working and could not meet us at the Naples beach, we exchanged several phone calls and text messages to narrow down the search location as much as possible.  The tide was high upon our arrival and after two hours of searching, we still had not located the ring.  Tulio then sent a satellite image where he had marked a large area where he thought the ring could be.  With our search area expanded and the lower tide, I was able to search deeper.  After the third hour had passed, I finally saw the lost gold wedding band (inscribed with he and his wife’s name) in my scoop.

We sent a picture of the ring to Tulio and arrangements were made to meet the next day so we could return the ring.

Nokomis Beach, FL — Engagement Ring Lost in Water Found and Returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

This young lady lost her diamond engagement ring in the Gulf waters of Nokomis Beach just a few hours after her fiancée had proposed.  Many people helped look for the lost ring before darkness set in with no success.  That’s when we received an email and phone call asking for our assistance and arrangements were made to meet the next morning.

Upon our arrival at the beach the next morning, my wife and I met with the couple who had narrowed down the search area where they believed the ring was lost.  The water had been calm overnight and we expressed our confidence in recovering the ring.  Sure enough, within just a few minutes of searching with our detectors, my wife uncovered the lost ring.

With a huge sigh of relief, hugs and smiles were exchanged as the ring was back where it belonged!


How to Find a Lost Ring — Sanibel Island to Naples Area Beaches — Ring Found and Returned!

  • from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

A gold wedding band lost in the sand at Bowman’s Beach near Captiva prompted a phone call inquiring of our metal detecting services.  Arrangements were made for my wife and I to meet at the beach location.  Within just a few minutes of our search, the wedding ring which had a lot of sentimental meaning was back where it belonged!  The smile says it all!