Wedding Ring Lost, Found, Returned

  • from Williamsburg (Virginia, United States)



Young fellow recently posted in a Norfolk UK facebook site that his buddy had lost a wedding band and needed help finding it.  Turns out he meant Norfolk, Va.  I got a hold of him and we straightened things out.

Ring was lost while they were practicing on a volleyball court.  The court was in the beach but tucked right against the dunes with high, stiff sea grass.  Apparently the ring flew off after an underhand return.


We checked the court and surrounding sand area, nothing.  I moved up in the dunes, in the grass…still nothing.  Decided to try a different angle and moved farther out.  On the side of the dune, I got an 80.  We were looking fir a tungsten carbide band, expecting lower numbers.  Sure enough, looked in the scoop and there’s a ring.  Brought the scoop over to the wingman, he looked in, saw the ring and was all smiles.  Ring was about 50’ from where guy lost it.

Took a while but we were able to locate this one.  Guys are both in the Navy so doubly happy to get it back.




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