Class Ring returned after 20+ years

  • from Williamsburg (Virginia, United States)

My Dad found a high school class ring(class of 2000), probably 1999/2000…most likely fairly soon after receipt.  The ring was found in a parking lot of a local shopping center and probably run over.

Dad passed away in 2001 and I got the ring.  Tried running down with the local high school to no avail.

As the internet developed over the years, tried various means of locating the owner but no luck.  I did locate the fellow in Facebook but never got a response.  Finally, located a Facebook site with alums from the high school. Took me 4 – 6 months to get accepted.

Shortly afterwards one of the alums recognized the name and was able to locate the owner’s sister.  Owner was no longer on Facebook.  His sister was able to get in contact with me and identified the ring.  She still lived in the same hometown.

We  made arrangements to meet and I was finally able to return this ring more than 20 years after it was recovered.


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