Lost Drone Returned

  • from Williamsburg (Virginia, United States)

Drone returned

My buddy and I were in South Florida in February 2023.  We decided to go to South Beach Miami area and wade the water to see what we could find.

About an hour in I got a strange signal.  Looked down and I see what looks like a partial propeller in three feet of water. Dig my scoop in and comes a large four engine drone, obviously not working.

I brought it back to Virginia to show to a club.  My detecting buddy was going over it and noticed a name and email.

Emailed the address and owner promptly responded.  Was able to return to him in March when we were passing through the area on the way to another adventure.

Drone had been lost in December while flying over ocean battery died.  Don’t know if he’ll be able to resurrect but he was a happy camper.

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