Metal Detecting Service - Virginia Peninsula, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Southside

  • from Williamsburg (Virginia, United States)

Have over 45 years experience finding and recovering lost jewelry, coins, cellphones, relics…most anything containing metal that you may have lost.

Live in Williamsburg but can travel up to 75 miles any direction to attempt a recovery.

Metal detect land – private property, public parks, etc and any water to roughly waist deep – public beaches, private beaches with permission, lakes, etc

Can locate property markers on as needed basis.

Please note, the Tidewater area due to large federal government/military presence and large areas covered by entities such as Newport News Park and Waterworks provide special challenges.  Permission will be required from the Ranger in charge and owner of the lost item must be in attendance.

Metal detect year round on land or in water within reason.

I am not going to compromise your or my safety and everything will be done legally.

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