Corey Osmundson, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost platinum wedding band found in Bass Lake – Annandale, MN

As I was helping a nice couple at work I overheard the wife say to the husband; “You know…Doug still hasn’t found his lost wedding ring!” My ears perked up and I asked her to give me the details on the story of the lost ring. She went on to tell me that her niece, Andrea; and nephew, Doug had rented a cabin on Bass Lake in Annandale, Minnesota for the week. As Doug was playing with his son in water about chest deep, his wedding band had slipped off his finger and disappeared into the sand at the bottom of the lake. I mentioned to them that I just happened to belong to a treasure hunting fraternity called The Ring Finders and I could probably help them locate the lost ring. As they wrote down Andrea’s phone number, they were completely amazed that we had had this chance encounter. The next day I was on the phone with Andrea setting up a time for the search.

One day later I was at the cabin and searched for a couple of hours, to no avail. On Monday I returned to the cabin after Andrea, Doug and their family had gone home for the week. This time, in less than half an hour as I was working may way toward the shore, I found the ring in about three feet of water. I made a happy phone call to Andrea, who was ecstatic to hear that the ring had been found. Her parents live a mile from the cabin and her father was there in a few minutes to retrieve the ring and leave a very generous reward. (Also kindly posing for a picture.) Now the ring is back on Doug’s finger where it belongs! Thank you Andrea and Doug for your trust in me, it was a pleasure helping out such good people!

Lost ring found in Mound, Minnesota – Lake Minnetonka


The date was Saturday, October 22nd. and I was heading out to a private beach on Lake Minnetonka for my very first Ring Finders mission. For late October, the day was pristine. 60 degrees and no wind, so I knew the water would be clear and easy to search. My client had called me looking for my help in finding her lost ring that had slipped off her finger while she sat on her Jet Ski close to her dock in about two feet of water. She described the ring as being a thick gold band with rows of diamonds and Australian opal. It took me about two hours of grid work with my Garrett AT Pro metal detector to locate it,  but finally there it was in the bottom of my hand scoop! It was a thrill to find it and get it back to its very grateful owner! Thank you, Sarah! It was a pleasure helping you out!

Ring finder in Minneapolis/St. Paul/Champlin/Anoka

Just wish to give a little introduction. My name is Corey Osmundson and I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota in the city of Champlin. I have been a metal detectorist for over 20 years and have always been intrigued by the many facets of this great hobby. Just months after buying my first detector, my wife was talking with a co-worker one day at her job and her friend began telling her a very heartbreaking story of how her husband had just recently lost a large gold and diamond ring in the shallow water of their Lake Minnetonka home. He was doing some work on their boat lift when the ring slipped off his finger and disappeared into about three feet of water. The gentleman had searched for a long time to locate the ring, but had no luck. My wife then mentioned that her husband, (that would be me), just happened to own a metal detector and would be glad to try to help him recover his ring, which was an anniversary gift from his wife. To make a long story short, it took me less than fifteen minutes of my time to locate that beautiful gold and diamond ring and get it back on his finger! It was one of the best feelings I can ever remember, and I hope to get that opportunity again many times by being a part of the great Ring Finders organization!