Lost ring found in Caldwell Idaho, By Boise metal detectorist

from Boise (Idaho, United States)
Contact: 1-208-447-6222
I got an email from a gentleman in Caldwell Idaho in the early hours of thanksgiving morning.  He had lost his ring while raking leaves.  I called him thanksgiving morning and worked out the details of when we would get together .  I actually found his ring for him while my family was finishing thanksgiving dinner and taking a family photo.  Here is a letter he sent me a few days ago,  CODY

Hi Cody,
Thank you once again for finding my wedding ring. Please feel free to post the following on your website.
The day before Thanksgiving I was outside raking the leaves from my lawn. When I came into the house I realized that I was no longer wearing my wedding ring. I asked my wife if she had seen it, which she hadn’t. We spent the next 10 hours searching both inside and out. By 1:00 AM, I had given up looking and started trying to convince myself that a new ring would be just as good. As a joke I decided to ask Google where I could find my ring. That was where I found http://theringfinders.com/, which got me in touch with Cody Easom.
I emailed Cody at about 1:30AM and actually had a response within an hour! He offered to come look for the ring on Thanksgiving day! He asked me to call him in the morning to work out the details, so Thanksgiving morning I called him. I was skeptical that he would be able to find the ring, but he was completely confident that if it was there he would find it. A few hours later he was at my house.
When Cody arrived, our family watched as he got right to work. He was very good at interpreting the data from his metal detector. It was fun to watch him at work. He scanned around the lawn very quickly with his metal detector saying things like “that’s a new penny . . . that’s an old dime buried a few inches down . . . that is probably a coupler for your cable TV.” Within about 20 minutes he bent down and picked up my wedding ring! I couldn’t believe it. I had searched the exact area where he found it and so had my wife, but he found it easily.
If you have lost a ring, even if it has been years, give him a call. If it is there, he’ll find it.
Thank you so much!
Russel Riley

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