Child's retainer found at the Traverse City East Middle School

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Julia asking if a metal detector would be able to find a child’s retainer. I have never had a call for a retainer before so I had no idea. Then she asked about her purchasing a metal detector in town. I told her not to waste her money to purchase a detector I would be happy to come help. I got on location and found we had about 20 trash bags to search through. I scanned the first bag and found out really quick the detectors are worthless. The bag is full of aluminum foil from the different foods like applesauce. I gave her the bad news and said the only way is going to dig in one bag at a time. Julia was gong through the bags first then I would double check the bag she just went through. I got lucky and found the retainer in the third bag. She was extremely happy we found the retainer and not having to purchase a new one.

2 Replies to “Child’s retainer found at the Traverse City East Middle School”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Wow, I’m sure 3 bags were a chore in themselves! Great recovery!

  2. gregg larabel says:

    Good job Clare, I had to do that at a nursing home once and it was a dumpster worth of bags. yuck!

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