Lost Wedding ring found at Glen Arbor Beach Glen Arbor, Michigan

I received an email from Mary stating her husband lost his wedding ring at the beach in Glen Arbor. I had Mary call me to set up a time to search for his ring after I got out of work. I drove the hour up to Glen Arbor and met Josh. Josh took me to the spot they were set up the day before. I could tell Josh was heartbroken that the ring was missing. He said they have been married 6 years and he did not want a replacement ring, he wanted the original back. I started the search and got an immediate 12:06 on the CTX3030. A good ring number but also a pull tab number. The depth meter was showing 6 inches deep. I got my pin pointer out and realized I forgot to put a new battery in it. So, I pinpointed with the CTX3030 then started digging by hand. I dug down to the wet sand and got the signal out of the hole pinpointed again and found the ring. Josh was so grateful to get his ring back he must have thanked me 20 times. I was very happy to help get his original ring back and appreciate the reward.



3 Replies to “Lost Wedding ring found at Glen Arbor Beach Glen Arbor, Michigan”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    Good job Clare, I hope we can meet sometime this summer.

  2. Clare Winslow III says:

    Thanks Greg

    Let me know if your up this way.

  3. Joshua Markou says:


    Thanks again for you help finding my ring (21st “thank you”). You’re right, I was feeling heartbroken – the ring means a lot to me. When I realized it was lost in the sand I figured it was gone forever, but you were able to quickly locate it and made me feel whole again.

    For all those who think their ring is gone forever, reach out to The Ring Finders!

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