4 lost rings found Leland,Mi

Received a call from John at 6:00am that his wife had lost 5 rings on the beach in Leland,Mi. at 6:00 pm the night before.  Met up with John and his wife an hour later to start the search. John’s wife had put the 5 rings on a lawn chair when she went into the water. She went to leave and she had forgot about the rings and folded up the chair to leave. They took me to the area they thought they were set up at. Which was in the area where people like to have bonfires on the beach. Luckily I have the CTX3030 and can sort through the junk pretty easily.  About 5 feet away I got multiple good signals in the same 10 inch area. We found 4 of the 5 rings in the 10 inch circle. I continued to search for the last ring but could not find it. John and his wife had to leave and I continued the search for 2 more hours. I searched the complete beach area, parking lot and road to the house they were staying at. I tried different coils and directions put the detector in all metal mode and dug every iffy/crappy signal. I’m confident the last ring is not on the beach. I think because it is Turquoise and silver someone saw it and picked it up. We found the most important ring the Platinum with a nice diamond they were happy with finding the 4 rings.

I was very happy to help out and appreciate the reward.