Higgins Lake Mi. Lost Engagement Ring. FOUND!

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

On 7/3/22 i was called to Higgins lk ml. to find an engagement ring lost while playing football in the swimming area, Eva was beside herself with the loss of her ring.  I made the 2 hr. drive in somewhat record time after receiving her call around 6 pm.  Eva and her husband had a pretty good idea as to the area the ring was in.  In roughly 10 minutes after reaching the area I scooped a vape pen,  The very next hit I knew was her ring even before I set my scoop to work.  The look on Eva’ face,  the Loud yell of joy and disbelief And the happiness hug reminded me once again why I do this ring finder service.  Another satisfied caller for the book of smiles.

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