Lost Engagement Ring In Ludington Mi. FOUND!

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Got a call from Sally this week. Her daughter had been up all night searching the sands of sterns beach in Ludington for he lost engagement ring with no luck.  I drove straight there from work knowing rings get found by random detectorist daily on popular beaches,  I met up with Sally and we walked to the area the group was in the night before.  I started to grid a 20 yd square while still asking questions. On the second pass i hit a perfect tone and set of numbers that told me i had it. I looked at Sally and smiled, then drew my pin pointer and in seconds i picked up a beautiful 14k white gold diamond ring.  Sally was beside herself to see me find the ring so fast.  Sometimes things work out perfectly in the end.

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  1. Sherry Lowe says:

    Is there a charge? I misplaced or lost, my wedding ring in August. Searched the house & my car, called 2 places I visited that day . No luck ☹️

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