Cell Phone Lost In Brohman Mi, FOUND!

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Got a call from John and Meg on Friday before labor day.  While at their family home/cottage their daughter tipped over next to the dock.  When she climbed out of the water she noticed her phone was gone.  They searched for it to no avail.  I showed up saterday early and headed into the weeds, lilly pads and roots not to mention mud almost to the knees.  after about a half hr.  I started out deeper.  Six ft farther out i hit a off signal.    A few minutes of reaching into the roots and mud i felt the flat square shape of the phone.  John accidently turned it on and it worked.  I told them to shut it off fast and put it into a bowl of rice for a couple days.  last i heard it survived.  i also found a very old double bladed ax head.  Johns grandpa built the house in 1910.  probably lost the ax while clearing.  OR  possibly tipped over in his canoe many yre ago.

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