Lost wedding band Irons mi. Found !

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

I was called last week with a plea for help in finding a wedding band that was lost one and a half yrs ago.   When i arrived Saterday 11/21 Terri showed me the area her husband Rich had lost the ring while carrying brush to a burn pile.  She also informed me that two other detectorist had been there with no luck finding the ring.  I started in the wooded area and worked my way to the burn pile all the time thinking that was where it would be.   After 20 minutes of moving partial burnt brush i started swinging my ATPro over the dirt and ash.   First hit was a melted 22 bullet.  The 2nd hit was 3 inches down and there was the ring.  A little discolored from the heat but in good condition otherwise.   When i handed the ring to Terri she broke out in tears of joy and disbelief.   All in all a happy ending To a year and a half oif not losing hope.   Chuck R  TRF        Sorry no pictures.   Computer says limit size exceded on the pics. I will add when i figure it out.