Engagement Ring Lost To Higgins Lk. "Found"

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Hello everyone.  On the forth of July i received a call for help from a friend of Maggies.   While at a huge boat party at Higgins lake in Michigan Maggies engagement ring became lost to the lake.  In my estimation there was well over 500 people partying on boats and in the water.   When Maggie lost the ring she had the presence of mind to freeze where she thought the ring came off.  The trip took me over two hrs to get from my home in Baldwin Mi to where she was still standing waist deep in the lake.  After a brief discussion i turned on my ATpro and started to run a small grid around her.  in less than two minutes and about 5 feet from her i hit a great tone and solid 50.  i looked up and said here’s your ring.  Maggies face lit up and all her friends came rushing over to give hoots and hollers along with congrats. We all  had a few minutes of great conversation and then i waded the 150 yds back to the shore where my wife had been waiting.  Probably the quickest recovery ive had so far and i commend young Maggie for her vigilance and stamina which made the recovery so easy.  Life is good.

Maggies Ring

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  1. Dave Boyer says:

    Good job Chuck!

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