Lost ring near Baldwin mi. FOUND!

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

This was a special hunt.   Whatever skills i have aquired since buying my first detector were all on the line.   Here’s what happened.   My daughter, son in law and two of my grand kids came up from Indiana for the weekend.   Two days back i had detected a local park and found a nice little ring about 4 inches deep.  Back at home i washed it and decided it would fit Emily my 8 yr. old grand daughter.  When they arrived i gave it to her and she loved it.  Several hours later she was quite upset when she told me she lost it.  She had been carrying it with some other jewelry in her hand and somewhere it fallen from her grip without her noticing.  For a half hr i searched the driveway, the road where she had been riding her bike and some grass areas.  Now here is where the skills paid off.  You have to ask all the right questions when dealing with a distraught 8 yr old.  Finally we ruled out the bike ride and most of the yard and narrowed it down to between the house and the camper.  Ten minutes later i found the ring.  This pic is 8 yr old Emily very happy again.  Cred ability saved.  WHEW!!!